PatchGen is a Cubase patch modifier for Roland Fantom-XR/X series synthesizers.

PatchGen will modify the stock Roland Cubase patch file to support add-on SRX expansion boards so that all SRX instruments are available directly from with the Cubase instrument selection drop-downs.  PatchGen uses existing Roland instrument lists (included in the download), so there's no need to type in hundreds of instrument names!

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The PatchGen software is free. No warrantees are expressed or implied.

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PatchGen can be run from the command line or from a batch file (an example is provided that shows how to patch the original "Fantom-X V2.xml" patch file to also include instruments for the SRX-01 and SRX-06 expansion boards). Type "PatchGen /?" at the command line for help with command-line options.

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NOTE-- PatchGen may require that you have the latest version of Microsoft .NET installed. (.NET is freely available from Microsoft here)

Basic Usage

Example command line to produce a patch file with SRX-01 and SRX-06 instruments added:

PatchGen.exe -n9 -i "Fantom-X V2.xml" srx-01.txt srx-06.txt

The resulting output file is named "Fantom-X-patched.xml" (unless overridden by command-line option "-o").

(input patch file is "Fantom-X V2.xml", patch lists are "srx-01.txt" and "srx-06.txt", and "-n9" instructs PatchGen to insert the new patch banks at the 9th bank position).

Original Roland Cubase patch (.xml) file and SRX instrument list files are available here.

Revision History

2007/04/13: initial release.  PatchGen verified for SRX-01 and SRX-06.  Patching many SRX boards into the same patch file makes Cubase SX 2 a bit upset.  Seems to be OK for a few SRX boards at a time.